“Pat is extraordinarily professional and energetic in her problem-solving approach. Concerning my divorce, she showed great judgment and innovation in helping me move through the stages of grief.  I don’t think I would have progressed so far if it weren’t for her creativity in helping me set goals and come up with action plans.” ~ JP

“Pat easily adapted to the daily changes in my mood and circumstances. She demonstrated effective problem-solving techniques to my situation.  She has a well-based knowledge in the areas of divorce and grief counseling, and her inter-personal skills helped lighten my thoughts at this particular time in my life.” ~ SG

“Pat is soft spoken in her approach.  She manages to get past my mental and emotional blocks to get to the heart of my issues.  She formed an Action Plan for me that, when I read it, made me feel strong emotions.  She “got me”. She understood the complications in my life and was able to get me to see ways around them.” ~ LR