“More Solutions To Your Practical Problems”


When solving practical problems:* Anticipate some failures, perhaps one, perhaps several, and do not “must” yourself by thinking these problems must not occur or see yourself as a lesser person if they do occur. Always give yourself a pat on the back for trying, even if your plans did not work out as well as […]

“Solving Your Practical Problems”


All of us have problems in our everyday lives, some big and some small.  How we address those problems determines how we reach our goals and implement our action plans.  Listed below are some techniques that you can use in resolving those problems.* On any given day, some problems will be more important than others.  […]

“More Elegant Solution-Focused Techniques”

Success is Easy With a Great Life Coach

Let’s say you have tried using solution-focused techniques on yourself and they didn’t help.* For example: You sometimes cannot remember how you previously solved either your practical or emotional problems – even when you actually did solve them in the past? Were your previous solutions really good ones or just fair ones that merely helped […]