“Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason”*


I recently read a blog online (I know, goes without saying) by a man named Tim (no last name) who says he suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  As we all know, these are two illnesses that keep on giving.  You never get well.  You just have to live with them.  The tenor of his […]

Important Health Considerations for Working Through Grief


The American Hospice Association has a wonderful section on helping yourself work through grief. These are important considerations for anyone experiencing a loss. Here are some of the healthy tips… BASIC HEALTH CONCERNS – Grief is exhausting and it is important to continue your daily health routines. Try to eat regular, nourishing meals. If it […]

Studies: Crying is an Indicator of Mental Strength


Recent psychological studies are showing us more and more, it is a sign of health and strength to cry. Why is crying good for us? Crying often makes us feel better Crying is an important social communication Crying shows courage, and that you are willing to embrace your pain If you have had a loss, […]