Blaming.  We have all done it at some point in our lives. As kids we blame our siblings for any number of things we were supposed to do and didn’t.  We grow up using blame when something goes wrong in our lives which we didn’t see coming.  As adults, particularly in divorce situations, we blame […]

Forgiving Others

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We have often heard that forgiving someone for their past acts which have harmed us is a prescription for better mental health.  We have heard that forgiveness is cleansing, that it helps drive away anger and hatred toward our ex-spouse or the one who has harmed us either physically, emotionally or both. We have heard what […]

“The Good Karma Divorce” (Part 2)


When you notice yourself feeling angry, ask yourself the question:  are you more committed to self-knowledge and wisdom, or are you more interested in being right? Below are listed 9 exercises that will help you become more comfortable with ambiguity and the multidimensionality of truth.* 1)Think about the last five things  your spouse did that […]

The 12 Stages of Grief


Those of us who have ever had a pet die, a loved one pass away or have gone through a divorce know that afterwards they have experienced a series of emotions, the predominant factor being sadness.  The official term for this experience is called “grieving”. Grieving comes in many forms and shapes and has been studied […]