“More Elegant Solution-Focused Techniques”

Let’s say you have tried using solution-focused techniques on yourself and they didn’t help.* For example:

  • You sometimes cannot remember how you previously solved either your practical or emotional problems – even when you actually did solve them in the past?
  • Were your previous solutions really good ones or just fair ones that merely helped you get by?
  • Your previous solutions, because they “worked” to some extent and sometimes gave you immediate relief, could actually have prevented you from figuring out better and deeper solutions.*
This is where your transitions coach steps in. Your transitions coach is trained to ask open-ended questions which allow the client to get to the heart of the matter, to help you figure out why problems are recurring and what you can do change from your old action plan to your new one.  The transitions coach will help you focus on your assets and your possibilities for change.  He or she can help you figure out specific things to do to help yourself – concrete ways of thinking and acting less defeatingly than you now act. The transitions coach helps you make the “transition” from your old self to your new self.*
*Ellis, Albert, How To Make Yourself Happy (Atascadero, CA, Impact Publ., 1999)