Important Health Considerations for Working Through Grief

The American Hospice Association has a wonderful section on helping yourself work through grief.

These are important considerations for anyone experiencing a loss.

Here are some of the healthy tips…

BASIC HEALTH CONCERNS – Grief is exhausting and it is important to continue your daily health routines.

  • Try to eat regular, nourishing meals. If it is too difficult to eat three regular meals, try 4 or 5 small ones. Have nourishing food available to nibble on rather than chips and candy.
  • Rest is important. Try to develop regular bedtime routines. If you are having a hard time getting to sleep, try a glass of warm milk or some soft easy listening music to sooth your thoughts.
  • Continue your exercise program and develop a manageable routine.

OUTSIDE SUPPORT – Grief does not have to be as isolating as it seems.

  • Look for a support group, lecture or seminar that pertains to your situation.
  • Let your friends and other family members know what your emotional or physical needs are. The more they know what to do to help you, the more available they will be.


  • Allow your feelings to be expressed appropriately.
  • Crying is good. You feel lighter after you have had a good cry. Consider sharing your tears with other loved ones. We laugh together, why not cry together as well?
  • Find friends or family members to share your feelings with.


  • If you desire some alone time, take it as often as you need to.
  • Give yourself rewards along the way as something to look forward to.
  • Look for small ways to pamper yourself, such as bubble baths, a new cologne, soft pajamas, or a new hair cut.


  • Good communication is necessary. People cannot read your mind. They may not know that this particular day is difficult or they may not know how to help you.
  • Talk about what is helpful to you and what is not helpful to you.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of your partner. Grief is different for each person.

You can read the rest of the tips at the full article here.

The last thing to remember is, you don’t have to do it alone! Contact me for a free introductory session,at (520) 544-2915 or, and allow me to show you how I can help.