The Voices of Divorce


Many people feel a loss, a betrayal and confusion during the divorce process.  They don’t realize that it is really a NEW BEGINNING in their life. Often they say: “I’m so tired.  All I want to do is sleep.  I have a headache all the time, and when I talk I feel like crying.  There […]

“The Good Karma Divorce” (Part 2)


When you notice yourself feeling angry, ask yourself the question:  are you more committed to self-knowledge and wisdom, or are you more interested in being right? Below are listed 9 exercises that will help you become more comfortable with ambiguity and the multidimensionality of truth.* 1)Think about the last five things  your spouse did that […]

Studies: Crying is an Indicator of Mental Strength


Recent psychological studies are showing us more and more, it is a sign of health and strength to cry. Why is crying good for us? Crying often makes us feel better Crying is an important social communication Crying shows courage, and that you are willing to embrace your pain If you have had a loss, […]

The 12 Stages of Grief


Those of us who have ever had a pet die, a loved one pass away or have gone through a divorce know that afterwards they have experienced a series of emotions, the predominant factor being sadness.  The official term for this experience is called “grieving”. Grieving comes in many forms and shapes and has been studied […]

“The Good Karma Divorce” (Part 1)*

Professional Life Coaching

,As those of us who have been divorced know, there is no right side in divorce.  There is his side and your side and never the two shall meet.  When we talk of divorce we talk of loss, anger, betrayal, hurt emotions, resentment, failure, suffering and often depression. Although I believe the greatest of these […]

12 Action Items To Help You Survive Divorce

happy in desert

1. Children and family first. Be as direct as you possibly can with your children about what divorce means and what the future holds for them. Enlist your ex-spouse’s support and try to present a united front in this regard. Your future relations with your kids is often determined at this time. There are no […]

“How to Transition Toward Getting the Love You Want”


If you have read “About Me” in this website you will know that I am not only a certified coach, but I also have an M.S. in Applied Psychology. Prior to becoming a Coach I worked as a therapist for many years helping people who were depressed, or anxious or who had marital problems resolve […]

“More Solutions To Your Practical Problems”


When solving practical problems:* Anticipate some failures, perhaps one, perhaps several, and do not “must” yourself by thinking these problems must not occur or see yourself as a lesser person if they do occur. Always give yourself a pat on the back for trying, even if your plans did not work out as well as […]

“Solving Your Practical Problems”


All of us have problems in our everyday lives, some big and some small.  How we address those problems determines how we reach our goals and implement our action plans.  Listed below are some techniques that you can use in resolving those problems.* On any given day, some problems will be more important than others.  […]

“More Elegant Solution-Focused Techniques”

Success is Easy With a Great Life Coach

Let’s say you have tried using solution-focused techniques on yourself and they didn’t help.* For example: You sometimes cannot remember how you previously solved either your practical or emotional problems – even when you actually did solve them in the past? Were your previous solutions really good ones or just fair ones that merely helped […]