About Pat

After many successful years as a practicing therapist in South Carolina and Arizona, I decided to further enhance my repertoire by becoming a Certified Professional Coach. I chose this path of professional coaching because I was interested in the more positive problem solving methods coaching had to offer. I already have M.S. in Applied Psychology and am now a Certified Professional Coach with the Barry Fowler Institute.

I have done extensive therapeutic work in the areas of  relationship building, marriage and divorce counseling and loss management.  Being a member of the “divorced” community as enhanced my empathy. With my Professional Coaching Certificate I hope to help you navigate and cope with your divorce or loss journey, so that you can move forward positively and confidently into the next phase of life.

I chose to work in the areas of divorce and loss because so often in my practice I have counseled clients  who see absolutely no hope for the future.  They feel their loss is so great that they may never recover. Having “been there/done that”, I know that I can help these people find the way out,  help them find hope again and help them survive the train wreck of their current emotions and pass over to a world of peace, happiness and love once more. And it all happens by following the methods of coaching and taking it one day at a time.

As a coach, I am an excellent listener, insightful, inspiring, intuitive, and motivating.

Professional Life Coaching


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