Divorce and Grief Coach

grand-canyon-177239_1280Losing someone or something you love or care deeply about is very painful.  Divorce, in particular, brings about many losses for parents and for children. Pain, sad memories, and unanswered questions can haunt you. The feelings of aloneness can often be overwhelming. Many people feel the need to explain their pain or anger or actions  to other people.  The need to feel validated and speak about their grief can be overwhelming.  Often we turn to our friends and loved ones for support only to learn that as the days pass and we turn to them more and more they become less and less responsive.  It is not that they don’t care about what we have to say.  It’s that they cannot assimilate our pain in the way we want them to. And we shouldn’t expect them to. Do we really want them to actually feel the pain we are going through? What you need is a third party, a divorce or loss coach who can respond to your anger and pain with compassion and understanding. You need someone who’ll stop you from feeling so alone.

freedomA good divorce or loss coach is not judgmental. He or she will not attempt to “mind read” you. The coach is not present to give advice. He is there to listen and mirror back your own thoughts to you. The client is totally in charge in the coaching session. As his feelings of loss, anger and pain are solely his, so too his goals and solutions are his own. His plans and action steps are his own. The coach is there to help the client recognize his true worth and identity. This is called “self-actualization.”

Ultimately, coaching is about evolution. When you are going through a divorce or grieving a loved one, you probably feel very low and depressed, as if you’ll never be happy again. The coach is present to help the client become the better, improved self they dream of being. Here we are talking about change. Everything changes, or it stays the same.  You have the choice to move forward, away from your feelings of anger and loss, or fall back. All of us are in a state of transition, simply by the aging process. We move from one state to the next, depending on circumstances. The only time we experience a progressive, evolutionary shift is when we conscientiously set out to achieve our dreams and do so, and then establish even higher dreams and reach for them. This is what I want to do as your divorce or loss coach. I want to help you dream again, and then achieve those dreams for as long as you dream.


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